Anova Studios

Anova Studios

The 120+ meter Anova Studio, located in South Tel Aviv, serves two functions: a fully equipped analog (2 inch) and digital recording studio as well as an exclusive creative space for its artists.

The studio also boasts custom stage lighting (as well as top audio equipment) and will serve as a private venue (60+ meters) for small regular and unplugged live performances

Clients: Why?, Eddie Stevens, Lisa Germain, Rockfour, Mashina, Dani Senderson, Nikmat Hatraktor, Efrat Ben Tzur, Garden City Movement, Lola Marsh, Vaadat Charigim, Zikeny Zfat, Nosei Hamigbaat, Amit Erez , Eatliz

Anova Studios




AKG C414B x2
AKG C451E x1
Beta 52a Sm57 x3
Neumann U87 x1
Neumann 184Km x2
Neumann Gefell PM860 x1
Beyer Dynamic M88 x1
Beyer Dynamic M160 X1
Sennheiser e609 x1
Sennheiser MD421 x2
Sennheiser MD441 x1
Electro Voice RE20 x1
NT Road Classic x1
Sm7b x1
RCA BK 5A x1
Ns10 Sub kick x1
Royer 121 x1 (Available On Request)

Fenders Blues Deluxe Reissue
Fender Pro Reverb 1967
Fender Deluxe 90
Ultra Bass BX30007

Console - Neve genesys
• in-line analogue console
• 24x motorised channel faders , 8x motorised group/8-track/DAW control faders
• 24x motorised channel faders , 8x motorised group/8-track/DAW control faders • 16x Neve 88R-style Microphone preamplifier circuits
• 8x Neve 1073 Microphone preamplifier circuits
• 8x channels fitted with Neve 88R-style, 4-band mono EQ
• 16x channels fitted with Neve 1084 classic mono EQ
• 16x channels fitted with Neve mono VCA Dynamics
• Total Reset feature
• Total Recall software
• 8 Auxes (4 mono and 2 stereo)
• 8 Groups
• 4 Effect returns

Drum Kit
Premier Drum Kit

Pro Tools HD3 V8 Lynx Aurora 8 & 16
Studer A80 24 Channel
Quested VS2108 (Available On Request)
Yamaha NS10

Welson Organ
Korg Trident MK2
Piano Yamaha U1
Eko Super Micky
Hammond Organ C3
Leslie Model 145
Yammha Organ
UFO 61
Casio Tone MT68
Yamaha PSS170
Yamaha PSS270

Quad 8 312 x1
Quad 8 310bl x1
Scully 280 x2
Altec 1592b x2 (1 Available On Request)
RCA BA-33B x1
Telefunken V72 x 1
Telefunken V672 x2 (Available On Request)
UREI 1176 x1
UREI LA3a x1
Dbx 160 x2
Dbx 165a x1
Art PRO VLA x1
SPL Vitalizer mk2-T Stereo x1
Lexicon PCM70
T.C.electronic M5000
Master Room XL210
Fulltone - Tube Tape Echo
ROCK-MAN Stereo Echo
Roland Stereo Flanger SBF-325
Sans Amp Tech21NYC
ReVox A77 (Available On Request)

Anova Studios
Anova Studios
Anova Studios
Anova Studios